Power of Free As a Football Marketing Tool

Have you ever watched school children coming from or going to school? They usually pass where they will get something free, such as where there is a mango tree. The Children get the fruits and throw the seedling down the road, propagating the tree somewhere else. If you watch, you will realise that the number of children taking the path where there are free fruits grows steadily. The reason is, word about the fruit tree is spreading. In the same breath they avoid thorny plants like a plague.

Watch pigeons, their numbers grow astronomically in places where they are fed freely. They seem to communicate to others and in no time you have a colony of pigeons around.

Come the internet, there are several businesses such as Google, Facebook, Myspace, that have grown beyond the founders dream and turned them into billionaires by giving their primary offerings free. Open Google home page it does not shout at you with all kind of offers. ข่าวบอล It gives you a chance to do what you primarily want to do, and with the free searches it comes with sponsored advertising. The free offers and good service of course, helped Google grow at a speed never seen before.

Facebook is another case in point. It has offered people an opportunity to freely connect with new friends and reconnect with long lost loved ones. They have peppered this free connection with targeted adverts. Facebook has grown to one hundred million users globally and still growing.

There other businesses on the internet that have primarily focused on getting money out of people from the word go. Very few of them have grown exponentially and many that put greed above business lie in history books.

Google and Facebook are great students of nature. They are great students of human behaviour. Human beings principally focus on themselves and then give back. Nature gives trees that offer free fruits a greater opportunity to be propagated than thorny ones.

What lessons can football marketing draw here? A football team has a high propensity to grow if it gives fans an opportunity to get something free from it. If a club comes up with a bi-monthly cheap news paper about the club and other things affecting society and distributes it freely to fans and prospects, it stands a very high chance of becoming like a the mango tree alluded to earlier. Fans will start looking forward to the paper. This paper will be passed on, from one hand to another. It will attract new fans. It will cement your relationship with the old ones.

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