DNS Server Not Responding Error Fix

Countless users have gone through more than a few issues with the DNS server; they have trouble connecting to the Internet. The DNS (Domain Name System) is a successive chain of commanding system that primarily functions in recognizing the website and the IP address. Also, it keeps the domain namespace in good condition. The root cause why it occurs, so that error messages appear on your system is because Windows fails to distinguish the various core settings of the DNS in your computer system.

What Causes These Errors?

The “DNS Server Not Responding” error can be brought about by a number of things. Basically, the problem is the lack of response coming from the DNS server, which has a vital function of connecting to the Internet. One possible reason for the error is inaccurate DNS settings. Two, the IP address could have been modified and has become incompatible. Three, the system could be experiencing issues with the firewall. Look into the instructions below to find out about how to fix this error.


How To Fix DNS Server Not Responding Errors

Step one is to temporarily disable the firewall of your PC. The firewall is established to look after your computer and keep it away from potential danger and harm from unwelcome components, infections and infiltrations that might try to get into your system. In spite of this, the firewall settings can sometimes block much needed access options of the computer. When this happens, an error like this one occurs. Tofix this problem, you must disable the firewall so it will not block connections. First, go to START and look for the SEARCH BOX; in the box, type in “Windows Firewall”. Then, wait for an option to appear and select “Windows Firewall”. Doing this will open a window on the firewall. In its left side, you can see an option that will turn it off. You just have to select this option by clicking it. Then, follow through with turning off the Windows Firewall and click OK to confirm the command. You can end this task by restarting the computer and letting the modifications take effect.

It’s recommended you also clean the “registry” of your PC, by using a tool called Frontline Registry Cleaner. It is the tool that specifically deals with putting the registry into order and providing the fix for particular issues there. The delicacy of the registry requires a tool like this to take care of it and maintain it. Download this tool, install and then run it on your computer.

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